ombra sotto il titolo

The first Brunello Rosalba's was, of course, the year 1995, that was immediately welcomed by critics of the journalistic field and even receiveing 93 points from Wine Spectator magazine. That was a really good start and that gave to Rosalba more strength to continue in this new adventure. She decided to focus on her studies in philosophy, no more, but rather on everything that could be helpful in understanding the vineyard, its cellar and its wine, in cooperation with the Agronomist and the Enologist.

In 1998 Rosalba was convinced that the best thing to do would be to buy new properties, and so with Guido decided to enlarge their company to include some 40 hectares of land and 16 of vineyards. This was projected to reach an output of 150,000 bottles per year, when all vineyards were in production.

In 1999, Macomb, USA, was the birthplace of their lovely daughter Emma Sophia Andretta, while Guido was occupied at the headquarters of its U.S. business. There was also greater promise in the winery reports, already strong, within the United States.

Rosalba in 2002 finally managed to convince Guido to convert his company assets and invest the proceeds in the beginning construction of the basement of their new 2,000 square meter cellar and restructuring Podere Belvedere on a beautiful hill, Torrenieri, in the vicinity of Montalcino .

Tenuta Vitanza is one of the companies in the province of Siena, which has obtained the certificate for traceability. Indeed, in the near future, customers whish to trace the bottle of wine they bought may go to the web and type in the number of the bottle to obtain its history. They will be able, therefore, to know everything about the bottle, the cork and the production of wine; where and for how long the wine was aged, what kind of fermentation was used, from which vineyard did the wine originated, which were the climatic conditions of that year and what the climatic condition of that parcel of vineyard.

In 2005, their fifth harvest, their work  was awarded a major prize at the European level: the "3 Glasses" by the Gambero Rosso for the 2000 harvest.
From 2001 to the present,  there was a series of excellent scores from respected magazines such as Wine Spectator, 95 points for the Brunello Riserva; the "3 Glasses again from Gambero Rosso for the Brunello "Tradizione"; the "Decanter International Trophy"  etcc.. all of these brought us gratification and desire to continue the intense work already done.