About wine some tips

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How to store the wine


Keeping your wine bottles, valuable or not, is of primary importance, not only to avoid to spoil the content but also to be able to fully enjoy the scents and flavors of the precious nectar.

Where to store the wine:

The wine cellar: It is the ideal place for conservation. It ensures conditions of temperature, humidity and light that are ideal for keeping our bottles. Hardly, however, someone living in the city has available a basement room to be assigned to the cellar. Some people use the garage as a place of storage, but this solution can not be considered ideal, the temperature does not remain constant during the day and exhaust gas can be absorbed by the wine completely ruining its aromas.

In the apartment: The wine must be stored under conditions of low or absent light, constant temperature close to 15 ° C and preferably in a damp room. The choice of room to store our bottles, then, must be inside the house and without heating. The room temperature is of fundamental importance: if it is true that should not be too hot, it is equally true that one of the enemies of wine is cold, store the wine in the refrigerator can damage it, then put in the refrigerator only the bottles you wish to consume shortly. Pay attention to smells: the wine is alive and continues to mature in bottle and can absorb the smells of the place where it rests, so avoid to keep bottles in the pantry if you hold there salami or cheese, but also other storage room where you may keep paints, solvents or other materials with unpleasant odors. The bottles should be stowed in a horizontal position and never vertically: the wine must constantly bathing the cork to prevent this, in time, to get dried by air, that at best will give to your wine that classic taste cork.

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