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Our Halloween

Preparing an Halloween party for my daughter was really funny. I know it isn't an Italian celebration but EmmaSophia was born in USA  and seemed right to me let her have some fun with her bestfriends. Here some pictures and the menu to make you smile.
I'll try to translate the menu.

Witch's hair with oil (Spaghetti with cuttlefish and the black of it)
Peeled rats and dried in the oven (zucchini flowers filled with meet balls)
Still bleeding severed giant's finger (hot dog rosted with one of the edge cutted and a lot of ketchup)
Pork's vomit still hot (piure peas)
Cockroaches coffins unearthed (Brownes in coffin shape)
Everythig pair with:
Dragon pii (iced tea)
Kidney juice of bat (coca cola)
Eyeballs juice

Belive me it was very funny.

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