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Torrenieri vineyards, Località Casella

Is a vineyard located in Torrenieri (part of Montalcino) in a place called Casella, and has a surface of  51 acres with a South/South-West exposition ona steep hillside. Part of the land is occupied by a creek that is not cultivable.

The land is a continuos parcel even if is naturally separated be the creek in two parts, the higher land from which is possible to access the property and the lower land that is only accessible from the higher land. Today the total composition of cultures is the following:

   vigneto Brunello  Montalcino DOCG   ha 2.85.00 
   vigneto  Rosso di  Montalcino DOC    ha 1.20.00 
   vigneto  Chianti Colli Senesi DOCG    ha 3.00.00
   vigneto  Orcia DOC                            ha 2.47.01
The creek and the grass areas will not be planted in order to keep most of the original landscape and also because of the large difference in altitude of the different creek areas.

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